Songs (Chords, Lyrics & Melodies)

Corrections, queries or requests can be directed to me via email or XMPP at this address. Songs are broadly arranged by artist, and then from oldest to newest in upload order.

Jack Hwite - Ballad of a Sky King
Jack Hwite - The Cuckoo Blues
Jack Hwite - The Autumn Tides
Jack Hwite - George Washington Blues
Jack Hwite - Song of the Damned
Byron De La Vandal - Bugman Blues
Byron De La Vandal - The King
Byron De La Vandal - The Persian Girl (lyrics)
Byron De La Vandal - You Know I'm Right
BDLV and Paddy - To Keep and to Bear
E. Michael Jones - The Neocon song
Traditional - Die Grenzwacht hielt im Osten (English translation)
Rome - A Pact of Blood
Rome - Lullaby for Georgie
Rome - Petrograd Waltz
Rome - Seeds of Liberation
Rome - Stillwell
Rome - The Fever Tree
Rome - Uropia O Morte
Rome - Toll In The Great Death
Rome - Tyriat Sig Tyrias
Rome - In Cruel Fire
Rome - The Merchant Fleet
Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tom Lehrer - So Long Mom (A Song for World War III)
Jonathan Coulton - The World Belongs to You
Paddy Tarleton - Who's Gonna Fight in WWIII?
IFA Wartburg - Kosmoskost
IFA Wartburg - Im Dienste des KGB
Traditional - Big Guy (lyrics)
Traditional - Keep Your Sneedposts by Your Side
Ostara - Eclipse of the West
Joe Glazer - Old Bolshevik Song
Joe Glazer - Bill Bailey (The Ultimate Sectarian)
Joe Glazer - Nikita's Lament