Filtered: Dysopian nature of the technology, people will just hole themselves into echo chambers. Even the CEO acknowledges people struggle to distinguish between their online and real personalities so in that light this is supremely irresponsible. People cannot do anything like this in real life since this is automatic and machine-controlled. The company is also acting like this is a moral crusade, they are in it for money however.

Glowiesenpai: Funding and origins of the company, backed by a literal statesman etc. Dev Bala, VP of Product formerly worked on Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook. Has also worked at facebook (twitter bio). Bala is suitable cynical, pull some tweets up. " think abuse and harassment are rapidly evolving to be an existential challenge for the likes of Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and the rest,” Bala said" Sounds oddly like he's threatening them. False flag?

Benefit of the few: Clearly built with large accounts on even larger platforms in mind, this will only harm the average poster on any site and serves to benefit only those who must deal with volumes of thousand, perhaps hundreds of thousands of comments daily

...have been a disaster for fun. At least Sentropy seems to support Jannycide
[ talk about how normies and obsessive moderating have ruined having fun, compare to a real life situation i.e.impossible to have fun when there's a moderator watching over your conversation ]