Songs (Chords, Lyrics & Melodies)

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Jack Hwite - Ballad of a Sky King
Jack Hwite - The Cuckoo Blues
Jack Hwite - The Autumn Tides
Byron De La Vandal - Bugman Blues
Byron De La Vandal - The King
Byron De La Vandal - The Persian Girl (lyrics)
Byron De La Vandal - You Know I'm Right
Byron and Paddy - Scum from the New York Times
E. Michael Jones - The Neocon song
Traditional - Die Grenzwacht hielt im Osten (English translation)
Rome - A Pact of Blood
Rome - Lullaby for Georgie
Rome - Petrograd Waltz
Rome - Seeds of Liberation
Rome - Stillwell
Rome - The Fever Tree
Rome - Uropia O Morte
Rome - Toll In The Great Death
Rome - Tyriat Sig Tyrias
Rome - In Cruel Fire
Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tom Lehrer - So Long Mom (A Song for World War III)